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Psychotherapy and counseling

We understand the seeking psychological treatment for yourself (psychotherapy or counseling) is a courageous and daunting step, and so is doing it on behalf of your loved ones. In both cases, it requires acknowledging that there is a problem, that you will have to make it public and allow yourself to be vulnerable, and that sometime you may have to face unpleasant truths.
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What makes our care different?

Effective treatment always starts from the right diagnosis. We listen to your story, evaluate your condition from every angle, develop a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan that's just for you.

Effective Treatment

Effective treatment starts from the right diagnosis as soon as possible. At Bhatta Psychotherapy, we find answers others cannot. Our psychologists are trained — ... guideline. and have a rich background of recognizing and treating tough psychological problems that go undiagnosed in many places. Uncommon conditions are simply common at Bhatta Psychotherapy. We also understand that when it comes to your mental health, you're an expert, too. You're encouraged to share your story and ask questions. And we won't be satisfied until you have the answers you need.

Time Saving

We understand being anxious, depressed doesn’t allow you to stay at home, despite distress you are working. Now you can take therapy session at your convenient time even on Sundays or Saturdays.... During other days also you can confirm your time in advance we will start and complete your session at your time so that you can proceed for another work immediately. Book appointment with us at your own time.


We are providing psychotherapy in a very safe environment. To protect your privacy, we talk in one to one basis, no third person from your side and our side will be allowed... to stay in a therapy room unless it’s important. All our appointments are pre booked and confirmed, we don’t entertain crowd in our clinic. If you are anxious about being identified by some known person, we understand your anxiety. So, we have arranged privacy for you. Proceed for psychotherapy with us, no hassle of being watched by others.

Cost Effective

We understand the value of your hard-earned money. Keeping in mind the idea of cost effectiveness we have the provision of therapy session once in a week based on global psychotherapy practice... guideline. We charge only for our time and resources that we use during our therapy procedure to make therapy more cost effective and efficient. We strongly discourage any kind of hidden charges that are not worthy for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a form of Talk Therapy. If you have not visited any Psychotherapist you may think it’s like physical therapy, touch therapy or kind of healing therapy but it’s not. Psychotherapy involves ONE TO TALK, if you have a psychological problem you will be the one who will sit with a psychologist


Do I really need Psychotherapy? I can usually handle my problems.

If you are facing difficulty in your career, profession, relationship and they are becoming worse day by day or you are not able to resolve them on your own. Then you are in real need of psychotherapy. Resolving life’s issues and having confidence that “I can resolve my problems” are two different things.


What is CBT?

CBT is a psychotherapy technique in detail in its cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT is very broad and if your therapist is trained in CBT, you will feel a difference in a very short period. Being a therapy you can use its techniques in collaboration with your therapist only because the therapist will choose the